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5-0 #RiseUp !!!

Posted: October 14, 2015 in Media, Video


John Oliver is from a country that loves soccer, and he is no exception. He devoted a segment of his show to exploring the World Cup using the sausage principle — the idea that if you love something, you should never find out how it’s made. In this 13-minute segment, Oliver tears apart FIFA and their World Cup preparations. Soccer fans, he’ll definitely make you laugh, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be happy when you’ve found out how the World Cup is made.

via John Oliver Tears FIFA a New One | Extra Mustard –


The laughter ends here! Right Now!

Dallas, the time has come! The Falcons will Rise Up!

Folks, youre looking at an excellent football team.For once Im not going to couch that statement. The Falcons made a few mistakes—a costly penalty here, Matt Ryans first interception of the season there—and theyre not a perfect football team. Given that no team in the NFL today approaches perfect, I dont think I care.From the first snap of the game, the Falcons dominated. They led the entire game, never really allowed the Chargers to climb back into it and made a number of eye-popping plays. They sacked Rivers, picked Rivers, shut down Rivers receivers, held Ryan Mathews in check and ran roughshod over the Chargers on the ground and through the air. The final score isnt even close to telling the story, because it felt more like the Falcons were winning 50-0 after the half.

via Three Wins, 27 Points And One Awesome Team: A Falcons-Chargers Recap – The Falcoholic.

via Three Wins, 27 Points And One Awesome Team: A Falcons-Chargers Recap – The Falcoholic.

Steve will be missed tremendously! He forged the image of the NFL in my mind growing up in the 70’s! He has also played a major factor in my interest in art and film integrated into sports as well!

Video Updates: Pre-Season

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Pre-Season, Video