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Welcome to the NFL Trufant!

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This article was published a couple of years ago, but recent news and testing have resurfaced the ideas for safer helmets.

As NFL and college football training camps begin preparing players for their upcoming 2010 seasons, the focus on the long-term damage of concussions is greater than ever. One industrial designer thinks he’s found a solution: a better, safer helmet.

Football helmets have long followed a consistent model: A single, solid outer shell with a thick layer of padding inside. “It reminds me of bumper cars without the bumpers,” says Michael Princip, whose day job is as a designer for B/E Aerospace. That’s an unacknowledged part of the problem, Princip maintains.

In the past year, there have been numerous articles about past players suffering from memory loss and dementia, states enacting concussion laws, and young players dying from head trauma sustained on the field. Last week, the NFL distributed a stern warning to players on all 32 teams about the effects of head injuries, offering a reversal to its historically laissez-faire attitude toward concussions and brain injuries in general.

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The third and final day of the NFL draft is typically what separates hardcore NFL fans from casual NFL observers.

At this point in the proceedings, most of the prospects whose names don’t require a Google search when they’re called from the podium have found their NFL homes.

Even still, top-tier NFL talent evaluators consistently find core players for their teams in Rounds 4-7 of the draft.

In his five years in Atlanta, Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff has had mixed success with his late-round draft picks.  Players like Jacquizz Rodgers (fifth round, 2011) and Kroy Biermann (fifth Round, 2008) were hits, while William Middleton (fifth round, 2009) and Wilrey Fontenot (seventh round, 2008) were not.

Generally, teams are looking for special teams players and backups in the later rounds of the draft, so the risk associated with drafting a player between Rounds 4 and 7 is far less tangible than it is for a player being taken during the first three rounds.

Atlanta has 11 total picks in the 2013 draft, and eight of them will be used on the draft’s final day.

Let’s get acquainted with eight late-round prospects who are good fits for the Falcons and analyze how each prospect could fit into Atlanta’s plans in 2013.

via 8 Late-Round Prospects That Would Be a Perfect Match for the Atlanta Falcons | Bleacher Report | Bleacher Report.

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It’s not every day that the Washington Redskins call up a man convicted of rape and ask him if he’d agree to a one-day workout, but it happened Tuesday.

Oh, and the Kansas City Chiefs called Tuesday, too. And the Miami Dolphins. And they were three days behind the Seattle Seahawks, who will work him out on June 7.

Why are all these NFL teams eager to check out a convicted sex offender, a man who served five years in prison and wore a GPS ankle bracelet for another five?

Because Brian Banks didn’t do it.

A judge in Long Beach, Calif., threw out his kidnapping and rape conviction last week after looking at a videotape of his accuser admitting she lied. After 10 years, he was suddenly a free and innocent man.

via Rick Reilly: The Redemption of Brian Banks – ESPN.