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John Oliver is from a country that loves soccer, and he is no exception. He devoted a segment of his show to exploring the World Cup using the sausage principle — the idea that if you love something, you should never find out how it’s made. In this 13-minute segment, Oliver tears apart FIFA and their World Cup preparations. Soccer fans, he’ll definitely make you laugh, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be happy when you’ve found out how the World Cup is made.

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Arthur Blank (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports) Arthur Blank (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

The NFL is at a crossroads.

The Buffalo Bills are for sale, there are rumors of a possible move to Los Angeles, and the sport is gaining traction in London.

In a Q+A with the’s Peter King, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank spoke about the future of a London franchise, and speculated that the success of past regular season games played in the city could lead to a team’s move there.

“I think it will lead to [a team]. I think it will start with an increased number of games. That will be translated into a very successful series of games, and eventually, I think a franchise. And maybe more than one. London’s a big city … I think eventually having that many games says that we really are playing a season in London, so we probably ought to…

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Atlanta Falcons blog: Atlanta football news

Following Falcons team workouts today defensive coordinator Mike Nolan talked about the experience at linebacker, how the new players are fitting in and the progression of second-year cornerbacks Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford.

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Atlanta Falcons blog: Atlanta football news

After the last of full-team practices this week Falcons defensive line coach Bryan Cox talked about how his group can become a strength of the team and why he doesn’t miss playing.

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Trufant, Alford Face Challenging Sophomore Seasons

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by Michael Aprile

Coming off stellar 2013 rookie campaigns, Falcons’ cornerbacks Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford not only showed that they belonged in the NFL, but also that they could become the building blocks or “pillars”, as general manager Thomas Dimitroff likes to say, that the team desperately needs going forward. In 2014, the two young cornerbacks will face a “murderer’s row” of wide receivers featuring countless Pro Bowl selections and broken NFL records. “That’s what this league is about, going against the best every week,” said Trufant. “I’m looking forward to it. I didn’t even know it was going to be like that, with all those players. So I better be ready for that. But it’s just going to make me better. And I’m a competitor. I love the competition. I’m going to be ready.’’

Desmond Trufant, robert Alford

Whether or not Trufant and Alford rise up to the challenge of 2014 will…

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