10 Falcons Free Agent Questions | Atlanta Falcons: Bird Cage

Sickness has made its way through the family and has even batted around the order. Working on new “Risk or Play it Safe” post currently, but wanted to get a new thread up to let the Bird Cage Faithful talk Falcons and Football. Until new post gets up, here’s 10 questions to get the conversations going……..

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Falcons Block Terry Robiskie To Jaguars – The Falcoholic

It wasn’t a lock or anything, but it’s interesting that the Falcons thought enough of Terry Robiskie to deny him permission to talk to Mike Mularkey.This is old news that just recently came out, but I thought it would be worth discussing. After all, the Falcons were content to let Mike Mularkey walk and then raid Bob Bratkowski from the staff, neither of which were moves wringing hands over. The fact that they drew the line at Robiskie says something.

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Tony Gonzalez Says 2012 Will Be His Final Season

After signing a one-year, $6.9 million contract in January with the Atlanta Falcons, sure-fire Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez has stated via a fan chat on ESPN’s Facebook page Thursday that the 2012 NFL season will be his last.In a video posted to his wall, the tight end speaks about a conversation he recently had with his wife when he was asked how long he intends to play:”One year. I said that last year though, and the year before. But I really do believe this is it. First of all, this is the first time my wife came to me and said, ‘You’re only going to play one more year, right?”Gonzalez already has Hall of Fame numbers and will likely put his career into a nearly unreachable status for future tight ends if he is able to have solid numbers this coming season.

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