Are You Concerned with Falcons Beatdown?

Four Questions as Falcons Prepare for Dolphins

First and foremost, let’s all repeat it together: it’s just preseason. The games don’t count and there’s no trophy for blasting opponents and going undefeated. Preseason is a time for players to get into playing shape and mentality. It’s a time for coaches to get a good glimpse of players in real game situation and decide who stays, who goes, and who starts. That being said, it was more than a little worrisome to see the Falcons look completely disinterested to be there against one of the best teams of the 21st century, on national television, and at home in The Dome. Yes it is preseason, but the Falcons were pushed around, manhandled, and pretty much embarrassed by the Patriots. With the Birds supposedly having one of the deepest rosters in recent memory and a several spots open, fans would hope to see a better showing. Although the big test awaits in the coveted “third game” in Miami, is there reason for concern as the regular season awaits right around the corner?

read more via Are You Concerne with Falcons Beatdown? | Atlanta Falcons: Bird Cage.


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