The Ryan’s are trailer trash! Brothers don’t fall for that Trash leadership!

Just keeping it real my brothers. The Ryan’s are blowfish! They are not mentors. Dungy is! If you want to get or stay in the gutter with Philly trash like the Ryan’s. go head. But the Black professional of toaday cannot afford to asssociate with BS like the Ryans! Come on now! What would your grandmother say?

Get with the program my Brothers! Sure we all drop the F Bomb here and there, but l look at the big picture. You guys make great mpney and the Brothers whose parents are down for education and success are saying don’t stand behind the Ryan trailer trash. Now if you are traler trash or your friends are, gop head and support the Ryans. See where you willl be next year. Support Dungy’s position and stay hard on representing the Brotherhood for dignity! We cool?


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